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Chrissy has over 35 years experience working as a Teacher, Teacher of the Deaf, Educational and Clinical Audiologist and as a Deputy Head of a College for the Deaf.
In 2007 Chrissy completed her Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, becoming a COAPE Behaviour Practitioner, a member of CAPBT and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT1015).
Chrissy has been involved with dogs all her life, German Shepherds, Border Collies, gundogs, HPRs breeds and crossbreeds.
Chrissy has trained dogs to work sheep, as Pets as Therapy dogs, as well as for fun agility, tracking, search and scent work.
Chrissy’s diverse experience and skills have helped her develop successful dog training and behaviour modification skills. Popular sessions include scent, recall and Stop Chase ~ ‘LEAVE IT!’ These enable learning valuable training skills to control dogs in the presence of wildlife, other distractions and livestock, especially sheep. There’s a unique opportunity to practise in the presence of sheep in a controlled and supportive environment.
Chrissy has presented webinar and many workshops.
Living within the Dartmoor National Park her personal interests include a lifelong love of the outdoors, wildlife and companion animals. She spends much of her free time walking with her dogs on the coast or mountains of Britain and Europe.

Dog Trainer Services

Puppy Classes, One to one, Home visits, Behaviour modification, Reactive dog, Scentwork