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Karen’s in the Dog House consists of Karen Tonge, Liz Shipley and Sonja Bierton. Student APDT Membrs. We are all passionate about working our dogs with modern, kind, fair and effective methods.

KAREN is a qualified Instructor and committee member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) she is also a qualified Dog A.I.D Trainer (Assistance in Disability) supporting recently disabled people to train their dogs to become service dogs. Karen comes from a background in childcare, combining her passion of promoting good relations between children and dogs. She provides free Child Dog Bite Prevention presentations (Doggonsafe) to local Schools and child based groups in the local area and delivers talks to ante-natal groups on how to introduce a new baby to a family dog. Additionally she runs a selective home residential training service for clients who have completed training with Karen’s in the DogHouse.

We do not use harsh methods of any kind, for dogs or children! Or support the inaccurate notion that owners need to ‘dominate’ their dogs to make them comply. These methods can cause serious problems, put owners at risk especially children and greatly damage the human-dog bond.

Dog Trainer Services

ONLINE COURSES, Puppy Classes, One to one, Home visits, Behaviour modification, APDT Good Companion Awards, Assistance dog, Reactive dog, Hoopers, Scentwork