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At Good for Dogs we work with new puppies and new rescue dogs, and specialise in Growly Dogs! That’s shy, anxious, reactive, aggressive, dogs. It’s absolutely possible to make great changes in your dog’s behaviour using only force-free training. There’s absolutely no need for harsh handling, shouting, or punitive methods.

Head Trainer and Owner, Beverley Courtney is known for her popular series of Brilliant Family Dog books, and her online courses and personal coaching. As a Certified BAT Instructor and an Authorised Trainer at Reactive Dogs UK, she works with hundreds of dogs and their baffled owners – baffled because their dog is so delightful at home, but turns into a tornado when out!

Please check out my other website http://www.goodfordogs.co.uk

Dog Trainer Services

ONLINE COURSES, One to one, Home visits, Behaviour modification, Reactive dog