Good Companion Awards

Good Companion Awards Stages

There are 4 stages available:

Puppy Stage 1

Beginner Adult Stage 1

Foundation Stage 2

Progress Stage 3

Jubilee Stage 4

The average course length for stages 1 to 2 is expected to be 6 weeks.

The puppy award is carried out as continuous assessment. The more advanced levels may also be done as continual assessment if time is very limited. However, a single assessment may be done at the end of a course or during a course, at the tutors discretion.

Each level aims to offer a natural progression to maintain interest and enthusiasm for both dog and handler.

Assessors must be Association of Pet Dog Trainers members.

The single assessments for the higher levels may be carried out by a member who has not been tutoring the group.


Rosettes are – Puppy – Magenta, Foundation – Orange, Progress – Purple.

Single tier £1.50, two tier £2. P&P for 12 Rosettes £3.

Please send cheque with order made payable to J.S. Thornley.

To: Bridge Farm, Alkington Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY1 33NE. moc.duolci@drofhsaecips

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