Good Companion Awards

Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Good Companion Awards.

The Good Companion Awards (GCA) comprise awards at four different levels that can be achieved by pet dog guardians together with their dogs.

Designed to be non-competitive, guardians and their dogs work together as a partnership to reach set criteria in various life skills.

These life skills help to enable dogs to become well-mannered members of society; they are open to all breeds and types of dogs, no matter their age.

Guardians are assessed on their dog training skills as well as their understanding of training principles and knowledge of dog welfare, wellbeing and all-round good companionship.

Taking part in the GCA provides an opportunity to understand and learn more about your dog and build your bond, to become companions for life.

How do I join in?

Ask your local APDT trainer if they offer the awards.

What do I get?

You will receive an Information Pack filled with lots of handy information to support the APDT Good Companion Awards.

What's in the pack?

It provides guardians with reference information relating to how their dogs learn and communicate, their dog’s needs, UK law and building a mutually rewarding relationship with their dog.

Full direction is included

You will also receive clear criteria that tells you what you are working toward.

Your award

A certificate and rosette for those who complete the award within a six-week time frame is available.

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