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Sue McCabe B.Soc.Sc. M.A.
APDT 00956

Common Behaviour Problems in Pet Dogs:
Separation Anxiety. Dog/Dog Reactivity (leash frustration). Resource Guarding.
A Discussion on Contributing Factors using Case Studies

Following over 15 years of working with behaviour cases, Sue McCabe discusses the ‘ingredients’ she regularly sees which contribute towards behaviour challenges in pet dogs.

By recognising these common denominators early on, it may be possible to guide clients towards making better choices for their dogs which result in happier dogs and owners in the longer term. 

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Paddy Driscoll MSc
APDT 00246

Running a Gnasher Club – the Teamwork Training experience

The webinar looks at running a “Gnasher Club”. A support group for owners of “reactive” dogs. It examines the Teamwork Training experience – how it started, and how it has evolved. How it works (and where it doesn’t). The benefits – and the potential pitfalls –  of running such groups.

Paddy established her business Teamwork Training back in 1996, when it was something of a novelty for anyone to try and make a living from helping owners with their dog’s behaviour or training. Having spent her early years hobby training with her own dogs and instructing at clubs, gaining a  degree in politics and International relations along the way, with a professional career in academic librarianship, she had the opportunity to learn important management, learning and training (people) skills, as well giving her early access to what turned out to be a revolutionary new source of education and enlightenment – the Internet.

Between then and now she has innovated and developed ideas in training and behaviour – introducing puppy classes to a dog training world in the UK that believed classes should start at 6 months, offering the first clicker training workshops and classes in the UK and most recently developing on the new idea from the USA of establishing groups specifically aimed at “reactive” dogs. The Gnasher Club.

Having always been something of a course junkie, that culminated in studying and gaining an MSc (with Distinction) in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University under the great teaching of Daniel Mills and Helen Zulch.

13th October 2020


7pm UK time

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